Effects of Thought

The Soul will attract what it secretly holds persistent in the mind; that which it loves and that which it fears. You do not attract what you want, you attract what you are.

The world is your kaleidoscope, and the varying combinations of colors which are in position now presents to you the beautiful and carefully selected pictures adjusting to your evolving thoughts. You are the Master of your universe.

Just as a farmer or gardener cultivates and tends to his land pulling the weeds, every person should tend to and cultivate their mind. Weed out all the useless, impure, negative and harmful thoughts. By cultivating pure, useful and positive thoughts you will find through this process sooner or later that you are the Master gardener your soul/spirit, the director of your own life. You will discover by doing this that the law of thought with increasing accuracy forces the mind to operate in shaping your character, your circumstances and YOUR destiny.

It is important to intelligently cultivate your mind. If you allow your mind to run wild with no useful seeds being put into it and cultivated, the weeds will run wild just like a garden the useless weed seeds will continue to fall and produce more weeds taking over the good thoughts or seeds. If you follow this process consistently you will discover that you are the master gardener of your soul and the director of your own life. The law of thought will also reveal itself to you with an increasing accuracy. Thought forces the mind to shape your circumstances, destiny and your character. You are in control of YOU! By following just this one process you will start to align your mind, heart and hand.  Think it, be it, do it then have it. Simple, right? Big Hug! 

A person’s life is always related to his inner state. The outer conditions of your life will always be in harmony to your inner state. You get to choose if you want to rock n roll, waltz, rap, head bang, play the blues or create your own beautiful song with a variety of harmonies. You are the song writer of your life. This doesn’t mean that your circumstances at any given time are an indication of your entire character, but that the circumstances are intimately connected with the thought within your mind and heart. This is indispensable to your development. 

The arrangement of your life is no coincidence. The thoughts that you continue to nourish and give energy to have brought you to your own life circumstances and built your character. Every person is where he is by the law of his being. This is just as true if you feel out of harmony with your surroundings and those that are contented with them.

As a spiritual being you can learn to grow and progress with any circumstance in your path. One door closes and another opens. By being aware of your thoughts greater doors can open for you. Remember you get to create what’s on the other side.

You will get battered by circumstances if you believe to be the result of your outside conditions. When you realize that you command the hidden thoughts and seeds of your mind out of which circumstances grow then you will become the rightful master of yourself.

Every thought seed allowed to fall in the mind or sown will take root and eventually produce sooner or later blossoming into an act bearing its own fruit of circumstance and opportunity. Good thought will result in good fruit, bad thoughts will result in bad fruit.

Remember your outer world of circumstance shapes itself to your inner world of thought. You are the reaper of your own harvest, you learn both by suffering and bliss.

A thought long secretly held in the heart will reveal itself with gathered power at the hour of opportunity. Circumstance does not make you, it will reveal you to yourself. 

You are Lord and Master of thought which means you are the maker of yourself, the author and architect of your own environment. WOW! That’s a lot of responsibility. This can be fun!

Your thoughts and actions can either be your jailer of Fate to imprison you OR an Angel of freedom to liberate you.

Your wishes and prayers are only answered and gratified when they harmonize with your thoughts and actions.

If you are anxious to improve your circumstances but are unwilling to improve yourself you will remain bound and be the effect.  So if you pray to be rich and wealthy but spend frivolously your thoughts, prayers and actions are not in harmony. You want to be thin and healthy but continue to be gluttonous your thoughts, prayers and actions are not in harmony.  So you will constantly be fighting against your circumstances. Seeing yourself as poor as unhealthy. So the thought continues to manifest itself. You think you’re the victim of your circumstance but you are the creator of it.

Circumstances, however are very complicated. Thought is deeply rooted and often unconscious. The conditions of happiness vary widely with everyone. Your entire soul condition cannot be judged by someone from the external appearance of your life alone. Only you truly know within yourself.

Happiness, health and prosperity are the result of a harmonious adjustment of the inner with the outer, of you and your surroundings.

When you begin to search for the hidden justice which directs your life you will begin to be more aware or enlightened. Righteousness not corruption is the way and moving force in the spiritual world. Once you get this concept of truth in thought you will be aligned with the universe, the universe is already aligned in truth. You will find that altering your thoughts towards things and other people, things and other people will alter towards you.

If you radically alter your thoughts, you will be astonished at the rapid transformation that will take effect in the material conditions of your life.
We think thought can be kept secret, but it cannot. It rapidly forms into habits. Impure thoughts of every kind will result into weak and confusing habits which then form into distracting and adverse circumstances.

Thoughts of fear, doubt and indecision form into weak habits of uncertainty of how to act or move forward, this forms into circumstances of failure, poverty and dependence on someone or something. Not being true to yourself.

Hateful and condemning thoughts form into habits of accusation and violence, which form into circumstances of injury and persecution. Selfish thoughts of all kinds form into habits of pleasuring only yourself without regard for others, they form into circumstances of unhappiness or pain and suffering that affects the mind and body.

Beautiful thoughts form into habits of grace and kindness, which form into favorable and happy circumstances. Pure or unharmful thoughts form into habits of self-control which form into circumstances of rest and peace. Thoughts of courage, self-reliance and decision form into habits where you have circumstances of success, abundance and freedom.
Loving and un-selfish thoughts form into habits towards enlightenment, which creates circumstances of sure and continuing prosperity and true riches.

Be it good or bad a certain train of thought will not fail to produce its results on your habits, character and circumstances. You cannot directly choose your circumstances, but you can choose your thoughts, and so indirectly and surely shape your circumstances. This my friend is how you create heaven on earth!

Remember what I said in the beginning.

The world is your kaleidoscope, and the varying combinations of colors which are in position now presents to you the beautiful and carefully selected pictures adjusting to your evolving thoughts.

You are the Master of your universe. 

In the butterflies wings we can see the great effect of spiritual forces gathered in light to produce color and beauty.  This is the way the soul colors its own body of expression on the mental plane. Light of the spiritual sun is fused with your thoughts.

According to Rudolph Steiner, the thread of substance that the caterpillar spins into a cocoon from its own body is fused with spiritual force patterns inherent in the sunbeam. Within this spiritual light imprisoned in the chrysalis, a new creature is formed that flies out as a sun-being.

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With Gratitude & Love
Jill Marie Combine