The 13 Living Ethics

The Consequences of what you do are magnified by the increased soul energy.

This is my very first newsletter. So, I want to express my gratitude to you for taking the time to read it. Thank you!

I took somewhat of a hiatus for the past 12 years to complete a very powerful karmic cycle. I am done with it and so thankful I came out of it ALIVE!

The Jupiter return occurs approximately every 12 years and heralds a new phase of growth and development. Now that Jupiter is moving forward we are all being asked to expand beyond where we have been for the last 12 years. We survived. It’s time to make more conscious choices to expand and move beyond the last cycle. Which corresponds with the universal year of 1 which we are now in. The universal year of 1 is new beginnings.

As a “Survivor” of the past 12 years we can now create new beginnings. You know:
“Create your OWN Heaven on Earth”

What I learned is that if you live according to a value of LIVING Spiritual Ethics your life becomes very powerful. You live with purpose. I am not talking about the system of ethics that are manmade. The ones with conditioned morality that have been given by an official order such as the government, cult leader or some other authority over you concerning right or wrong.

Living ethics has the power to increase positive actions and minimize negative reactions. AKA: KARMA! Living Ethics promotes happiness by developing relationships on respect, goodwill and consistency. Across all your dynamics.

Reality based living ethics consider the evolutionary development of the individual and recognizes there are different levels of development.

  • Truthfulness- Think, speak and act truthfully especially to yourself. If you are not truthful with yourself you cannot be truthful with anyone else. By being truthful you can expand your consciousness where higher truths are found. Truth manifests power. Thoughts words and actions.
  • Living – Authentic Living. Live according to your own highest standard of right considered from your soul level. This helps you to live in the NOW. You can achieve a profound sense of peace when you do this.
  • Energy – Right use of Energy, We live in a sea of energy. YOU are energy. Use it/yourself to promote the evolutionary unfoldment of self and others. When used properly you will be able to draw from the universal field.
  • Cooperation – Positive Cooperation. Have the intention to create a positive outcome for all concerned WITHOUT compromising YOUR own integrity. This is to love and understand all beings. Oneness of all.
  • Capabilities – Right Use of your Capabilities. Make wise use of your present capabilities to unfold your life purpose. This will give you liberation from all hindrances of karma.  We all have a unique Soul purpose.
  • Giving / Receiving – Be willing to receive from others that which will help you and be willing to give to others that which will help them. This will give you abundance.
  • Attitude – Attitude of Goodwill. Maintain a positive attitude towards all, this way positive energy can circulate freely. You will get a positive response from all beings you contact. Plus your health will be better.  Just smiling at someone makes a difference.
  • Goodness – Promotion of Good. Use the independent and soul infused will to promote good, guide it with your intelligence and LOVE. This will help you to remain in a super conscious state.
  • Will – Higher Will. Use your higher will in daily life and on a consistent basis. This will give you a state of profound peace that can’t be shaken. It will liberate you from the pull of your lower nature. Also gives irresistible goal accomplishment.
  • Consciousness – Alert and wakeful consciousness. Be alert and in present time to obtain full benefit from all of your experiences. This will give you the realization of essential divinity.  You can’t benefit from your experience if you are unaware of what is happening.
  • Service – Intelligent service. make intelligent, loving service, without attachment to the results, a focus of your life. This will evoke love and support of all life forms. The science of service will supersede the science of meditation as the primary means of spiritual unfoldment.
  • Non-Attachment – Act constructively without attachment. You can have whatever you require. Buddha said, “attachment is one of the primary causes of human suffering” Non-attachment enables you to focus on the joy and satisfaction of doing something constructive to the best of your ability. Be present.
  • Integration – Right Integration. Develop and integrate all aspects of your being and life into a harmonious whole. Body, mind and spirit.  You can have whatever you require. The consciousness of the soul can serve as a focal point around all aspects. Life can be organized into harmony.

This is only an introduction to The 13 Living Ethics and I hope you have enjoyed this information. If you would like a class, or if you want to dive deeper into the karmic cycle and really come to know the value of living spiritual ethics in your life, please contact me at or set up an appointment to see where you are out of alignment so that you can alter your course and start the amazing journey of creating peace, harmony and the ability to easily manifest what you want. You know “Create your own Heaven on Earth” You can do it.  Take your own power back.  I can look into your Akashic records and your potential future to help you navigate.
It is possible to rapidly transform your life. Understand BOTH soul and earth energies are necessary for a balanced life.

Mercury Retrograde cycles provide the windows for transformation to build your life.  Schedule your appointments during these times to receive information to help you journey through.

Mercury turns retrograde August 12th at 11 Virgo. Mercury turns direct on September 5th at 28 Leo. This is about making right choices.

Mercury turns retrograde on December 2nd at 29 Sagittarius. Mercury turns direct on December 22nd at 13 Sagittarius. This is about goals.

With Gratitude & Love 
Jill Marie