I have been told by my astrologer friends that, the most important astrological event of this fall is Jupiter entering Scorpio, on October 10th. Jupiter will transit Scorpio until November 9th, 2018. These energies can help you to transform yourself to the best version of you. Jupiter also brings all kind of financial benefits from other people. In the second half of this month, with Venus (starting October 14th) and Mars (starting October 22nd) in Libra, there is more focus on relationships. Here we go again with the relationship thing. I love it. Life is ALL about relationships.

So transforming yourself into a better you huh? That’s cool. Some people are afraid to transform. They consider it death or feel like they are dying. We can and have the opportunity to shift into a higher consciousness. The consciousness of love. To liberate ourselves. Use these incoming energies to shed the old parts that no longer serve you and become your soul self.

The western mind set seems to be that one life is all we get and we are dealt the hand we currently hold.  So, we hold on to our lives and our negative thoughts and ideas as long as possible by any means.

All the while we are being shown that our lives and the group consciousness has become fast, furious, self-destructive and empty, full of greed and hate.
The world crises are rapidly and painfully awakening us from our dangerous ego-centric sleep or unconsciousness.  We are being forced to face ourselves. Through media that we see daily. We see death through war, famine, disease natural disasters and terrorism.

Crises gives us the opportunity for growth, both individually and for humanity. Points of crisis cause the power to release in our present consciousness a series of choices and direction. If we align with the progression of good, these energy surges spiritually empower us to realize that the whole universe is on our side.
When we do not align with the soul energy pressures build up in us causing disturbances or events that we seem to have no control over.  When they intensify we have pain and suffering, that’s when the lessons are learned the hard way.

Conscience of LOVE

Conscience is a surge of energetic love that directly moves us and aligns us with the soul It fills us with the irresistible urge to seek it out. Through our transformation we become a channel for the entire system of energies of love - wisdom, the conscience of love is felt flowing through us and touching the conscience of everything else.

Conscience is an awareness of inner knowledge or “TRUTH”

Remember your word attracts lighted substance to itself, it then solidifies providing a temporary shell, home, situation or experience, when it grows old, outgrows its use or purpose for your higher good as all things do --- why keep it?  We see construction, deconstruction and reconstruction all around us. It becomes painful when we try to hold onto the known and familiar forms or way of doing things in the past.

We are being called to bring our humanity back to Divine Circulatory Flow. To transform. Divine Circulatory Flow is us and we are it. All things are connected and bound together, through spirit and matter, life and breath.  Science has verified that feelings of love change the electromagnetic field of the brain, this flows through and registers to other brains into one pool of thought.
Transformation is just a re-location of consciousness from one area of the mind to another. This will change your form and circumstances. It’s part of an unending spiral of progress in flow with the Divine Plan. The only real death is limitation.

We know the soul’s natural impulse is to give and serve. Use the energies of this time for transformation for the necessity to release ill-founded fears. The emphasis is on the shift and the call for transformation, for the necessity of the soul to live spiritually, constructively and divinely within our material world. As we learn to live consciously sorrow, loneliness, decay, unhappiness, loss all these ideas will disappear. We will come to understand that these are just forms of expression. The new expression of joyfulness and love will be the great experience.

Those that are just starting off on the spiritual path long to be free of the karmic wheel of rebirth. Advanced souls are free even while here in the physical world, this is because their consciousness is aligned and fused with their soul. Their desire is to serve humanity.

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Big Hug
Love you All!

Jill Marie Combine