Jill delivers messages through clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience

I have known Jill for 20 years. She has walked with me through life's good and difficult times. She does not just give answer's to your questions but guides and helps you along your life's path. She also teaches you that you have the ability and free will to change that path. Jill has been a Blessing to me and many of my friends and family.


You are the Wizard of Oz and I am Dorothy. You showed me I had the ruby slippers all along and there's no place like & I quote, home. Love, Nancy

-Nancy Vogan

Springfield, TN

Thanks for helping me through some of my darkest hours. Love SCJ

-Sandra Jo


Many thanks for communicating with my horse. I now have a real bond and better connection with him. As for me, you have set me free from the emotional shackles I had placed upon myself for so long. Much love, Barbara

-Barbara Costides

Alpharetta, GA

She walked beside me through tears and smiles. I was blessed when our paths crossed on this earthly plain........Eternal Love

-Renee G.

Jacksonville, Fl

Your reading was amazing! So much of what you told me has to come to pass. You are a remarkable woman with an amazing gift. Thank you!!

-Chris Tourigny

Los Angeles

My Husband and I thank you with all our hearts for helping to save Cupid, our cat. Cupid is part of our family and he may be dead today if not for your help, love and understanding. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.


Warren, Ohio

Thanks for being such a giving person and sharing your gift with others...you always know what to say



Thank you for helping me shape my life. Your words and insight to things have made me stronger and still are.... Love Always...



You have been there for me... Luv always



A life changing experience when I met with this inspirational Angel from God. Thank you for allowing me to know I can have "Heaven on Earth"

-Sandy Hartman

Brighton Mi

Jill was my light through the darkness of a major crisis in my life. Using a Godly approach with me as my life coach she rescued me when  "my spirit was overwhelmed" and " my heart was in distress." Jill taught me life skills through prayer, Bible stories and counseling techniques. Jill's gifts as my healer gave her the knowledge of how to help me throughout my journey. Jill has been one of my greatest teachers. My healing was not only emotional it was physical. Having had digestive problems since the age of 15 I am now in remission. I believe I was healed from prayer and my skills learned under her guidance throughout my journey. I am thankful that I was guided by Jill who I believe heals in Gods light.

-Victoria Marie

Well I met jill in Lansing Michgan and asked her if our company is going to get any more SALT to sell to our customers and she told me in 3 days we will get salt today is the third day and I just got a phone call from my brother (the owner) and we have salt.

-Lisa Purvis

Milford, Michgan

Thank you so much. YOU have started me down a new path of life. I can't wait to speak to you again. Garla

-Garla Morgan

Ionia, Michigan

You were right about our dog, and he came home. My horse had a rear right leg injury that we're treating-right on again. Thanks for all the insight you provided to me in other areas-I believe it will make a difference! You're a blessing.



I have the extreme privilege of Jill being my future mother in law! When we first met I carried a very hearty amount of skepticism in my heart toward her unique abilities, as my brain leans heavily toward the left. Several events since our meeting have not only squelched any doubt in Jill, but have brought back my faith in God and the angels. First, after a lovely dinner together, my daughter slammed her hand in my fiance’s truck door while trying to get ready to leave. Her poor little hand was shaking with pain and red all over from the impact. Jill gave her future grandchild a big hug, and then placed her hands over the injured one. My little girl stopped crying right away and began to wiggle her fingers without pain. Jill even invited me to feel the heat between their two hands – it was warm and inviting like a toasty fire! Needless to say, her hand ended up being fine. Still, I wondered if she hadn’t hurt it that badly in the first place. Then my test of faith came. I was at work when I looked at my left hand and noticed that my diamond, prongs and all, had come off of my engagement band. Quiet panic overtook me as I crawled on the floor around my desk searching for it. The whole office got news of the loss and quickly began doing the same, helping me retrace my steps. After looking for 30 minutes, I called my fiance to tell him the awful news. He called Jill. She calmed him down and told him that the diamond was somewhere on me, near some fabric. When he called me back his calmness spread to me and I took his advice to call Jill as well. Jill and I prayed together on the phone and I was told to be still and listen. After hanging up, I went into the restroom at the office and began to take my clothes off; I head the sound of metal hit the floor. It turns out the diamond had lodged itself on the inside of my pants at my right hip! How I didn’t feel it there, I do not know. How it got there is still a mystery as well. And how I managed to snap a welded jewelry pin in half is still beyond me. But one thing is certain... my faith has been restored and I will doubt a lot less from now on!!

-Victoria Ryan

Atlanta, GA

Thank you for all your insight into the police case of my missing sister you have a special gift and I'm glad I have been a part of your life. You have helped our family out in so many ways when we come to you for reading and I'm deeply grateful.

-Vickie Amos

Jacksonville, Florida

Jill - meeting you over a week ago at Chico's was wonderful in so many ways. Not only did you help me walk out feeling fantastic, but your words of insight and encouragement were timely. I would love to hear more from you!


Norcross, GA

I'm a morning DJ and Jill Marie has been on my show a number of times to read listeners over the radio. It is now official!! Everything that Jill Marie said would happen,HAS!! With every listener! I am so thankful to have had the pleasure of being in Jill Marie's light. Thank you again for letting me watch you bring happiness and peace to those you touch.

-Annika Sonic

Monticello, New York